Community Show and Ask Signup

    This year PCMI is hosting a one week graduate workshop on "Illustrating Mathematics". On Thursday (2:15 - 3:45 PM Mountain time) we will have a "Show and ask" session that is intended for the whole Illustrating Math community.

    Depending on the number of presenters, each person will be given 3-5 minutes to share their work. Once we know how many people are presenting we will let everyone know how much time they’ll have, and that time limit will be strictly enforced.

    At this time, please indicate your interest in presenting, and let us know what format you expect to use. Options include up to 3 images, a short video (via YouTube or Google Drive link, or upload is OK if <10MB) or simply holding your work up to your computer’s camera. In the interest of time, we ask that participants do not “screen share”.

    If you are presenting with 3 images or a video (not both), you must attach your media to this response in one of the two following ways: